(Español) Diego Urzua Villa: Campeón de Fútbol Freestyle



The 10 best issues of Canman


Saving the world is not an easy task… and we’re sure Canman would agree! However, because of doing so, our favorite superhero has given us some amazing and iconic moments throughout more than 80 issues and 4 seasons. Looking back in retrospective, we will now choose our 10 personal favorites: 1. Season 1 – Issue [...]

10 Crazy Sports That You (Probably) Never Heard Of


People can be quite creative when it comes to… well, everything pretty much. Now, if you had been wondering on how to challenge yourself in a different way than your friends that hit the gym everyday, then this post is for you. Below you can find a listing of unusual sports that you don’t come [...]

The 16 most spectacular disciplines of the Olympic Games in Rio


Every four years, thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions, to show the world which country has the best teams. For most athletes, winning an Olympic medal is considered the greatest thing to achieve. For this reason we would like to pay tribute to this outpouring of courage, passion [...]

Adolfo Almarza: “When I ride a bike, I feel like flying”


Adolfo Almarza is a Chilean mountain biker born in 1988 who competes in various categories such as Downhill, Enduro, and Road. Almarza lost his legs at a young age, and for this reason he uses two prosthetic legs to ride his bike, in boht local and international competitions. When people talk about athletes with physical [...]



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