The test: Cata Vega


3-times national champion of Chile in FOOTBALL FREESTYLE. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly A place: Countryside An idol: My parents A movie: In the name of love A book: Bonds of love A song: Iris A plate of food: Lasagna Its main quality: Perseverance Your worst flaw: Sometimes I get frustrated very fast A superstition: When something [...]

The test: Felipe Fuenzalida


SNOWBOARDER. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly A place: El Colorado An idol: David Lynch A movie: Delicatessen A book: The creative adventure of André Richard A song: Deep June – EMITR A plate of food: Pasta and salad Your main quality: I love learning and expand my limits Your worst defect: I get upset easily A superstition: I think [...]

The test: Diego Úrzua


2015 Latinamerican champion of FREESTYLE FOOTBALL.Renca, Chile #HeroesOnly   A place: Cachapoal, where I grew up An idol: Szymo Skalki A movie: Coraline A book: No existes of David Martín del Campo A song: Tropkillaz – Baby baby A plate of food: Lasagna Your main quality: Discipline Your worst defect: Pride A superstition: I just enjoy [...]

Interview with Adolfo Almarza after the RBValparaiso Cerro Abajo 2017


Valparaiso, a coastal city in Central Chile, now a World Heritage Site and Chile’s largest port, attractive in Tourism for its colorful hills, ancient buildings and great beauty. last Sunday 19 became a beautiful Urban Downhill Track to welcome 39 brave rides in one of the most difficult races in the world. Again our pilot Adolfo [...]

The most breathtaking natural wonders of the planet


Nature is the greatest artist that exists, these are some of its most imposing, fantastic and beautiful masterpieces. Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States As if they were the ruins of a civilization of the past, the imposing Bryce Canyon is not really a canyon, its strange shape that was the erosion by wind, water and [...]



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