12 MUST-WATCH movies inspired by comics


Superheroes genre was created by the comic industry. This industry made possible thousands of spectacular frames that became part of the history of cinema. Although it may be quite unfair that we only include 12 films in this selection (as many films are worthy of the label “have to watch at least once in a lifetime”), we’ll only talk about the top top – la crème de la crème!

1.The Dark Knight

Year 2008
The Dark Knight it’s the first movie form the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. This film had many great reviews and the audience also loved it.

2. 300

Year 2006
A comic set in the Antique Greece? Yes, it’s possible!! It’s the history of superheroes that were in one of the most remembered battles of history: The Battle of Thermopylae!

3. The Avengers

Year 2012
In The Avengers we can find probably one of the best ever casts of superheroes: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Black Widow.

4. Sin City

Year 2005
Frank Miller + Robert Rodriguez + Quentin Tarantino = A masterpiece called Sin City.

5. The Amazing Spiderman

Year 2012
There are several versions of Spiderman, and even if some fans disagree in this election, for us this is the newest and coolest one of all!

6. V for Vendetta

Year 2005
The Wachowski brothers, who directed this movie, made it a myth! On top of it, Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving played a huge role in making this film a huge success.

7. Thor

Year 2011
A great film starring acclaimed actor Chris Hemsworth, who became a legend, being recognized as the ONE AND ONLY Thor.

8. Watchmen

Year 2009
Zack Snyder, who also directed 300, shows his personal vision of a DC comic book.

9. Capitan America: Winter Soldier

Year 2014
The handsome Chris Evans plays Captain America in this modern version and futuristic version of the comic.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

Year 2014
A group of intergalactic criminals end up working together to push back a fanatic fighter that wants to take control of the universe.

11. Iron Man

Year 2008
Iron Man is one of the funniest and more ironic superheroes of the world, and Robert Downey JR. is guilty of that.

12. X-Men

Year 2000
This saga of mutants with superpowers became a classic not only in cinemas, but also on TV animated shows.

If you haven’t watched some of the movies we have presented you in this article, then today is a great day to catch up!

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