Backstage at the Montenbaik Enduro Championship: Interview with Dark Dog Enduro Team


With the next race of the Montenbaik Enduro Championship Chile just around the corner, which is going to take place in Valdivia, we reached out to our Dark Dog Enduro Team for an exclusive look behind the scenes of this exciting competition. While they prepare their engines for this important race, we talked to our [...]

How to create a comic superhero?


Nowadays everyone is familiar with famous superheroes, but it was not that long ago when these legends were first created. Since the unveiling of the prototypical superhero “Superman” in 1938, superheroes became very popular. With the birth of Canman – the world´s most energetic superhero – in 2012, the history of superheroes entered a new [...]

History of game consoles – Part I


1. Magnavox Odyssey (1972) Although the first video games appeared in the 1950s, the Magnavox Odyssey marked a milestone in the history of gaming with its release in 1972. Unlike the existing game consoles, it was the very first home video game system designed for a normal television. It was the brilliant creation of Ralph [...]

Dark Dog Enduro Team Chile at the Montenbaik Enduro Championship 2013


Last September the Montenbaik Enduro championship 2013 took place in the reserve El Durazno, Chile. One of the most expected dates, that tested our Dark Dog Enduro Team’s endurance and expertise. And it’s no wonder that the El Durazno circuit was anything but an easy race! Eternal uphill pedaling, limited shuttle times and steep downhill [...]

First issue of Canman comic


Every story has a beginning and in the world of comics, ever since there´s been a special fascination with these. No matter if books, magazines or TV series – the first issue of everything that develops into a series is always considered as the most important and valuable, in a collectible sense. It is the [...]

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