The world´s most unique parties


With the festival season starting in some parts of the world, we took a look around the globe to find the most edgy parties and festivals you’ve probably never heard of, but which you definitely should check out when planning your party calendar! Enjoy our picks! Mysteryland – San Francisco de Mostazal,Chile Mysteryland is an [...]

Dark Dog Snowkite Festival 2013 in Chile


Snowkiting is an exciting hybrid between kite surfing and snowboarding or skiing, and the perfect sport for adrenaline junkies on the look-out for a new kick. Since the early 2000s, this extreme sport started taking off with a large community of fans pushing extreme “freestyle” techniques all around the world. And it is no surprise [...]

Alter-Ego of Canman


Batman has one. Superman has one. Ironman has one. Spiderman has one. And so does Canman. We are talking about so called “alter-egos ” –  the human doubles of superheroes. In Canman Comic this alter-ego is “Matt”, who together with his dog “Darky”, transforms into Canman when drinking DARK DOG Energy Drink. Matt and Darky have completely [...]

History of game consoles – Part II


1. Sony Playstation (1994) Want to know how to create a real monster? Nintendo might have the answer! Sony created PlayStation after a failed business partnership with Nintendo, in which they wanted to create a CD add-on for the SNES. Even though the PlayStation wasn´t truly innovative, it’s living room-worthy design and the more adult [...]

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