The 10 most anticipated records of 2014 – part I


Now that we’ve digested 2013, it’s time to look ahead. And like every year, 2014 begins with great expectations, especially when it comes to music. 2013 brought us masterpieces like Drake´s and Daft Punk´s newest records. But this year is also offering up big surprises, including comebacks of iconic bands like Foo Fighters, or new [...]

DAKAR 2014: DARK DOG rider Nelson Sanabria reaches his goal!


After 13 days of intense competition and a stage of 9,000 km through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile the 35th edition of Dakar Rally 2014 was completed on the 18th January in Valparaiso, Chile. And as it is the longest and most complicated rally in the world, all participants that reached the end can be considered authentic [...]

How to make a comic in four steps


In our “Making of” series we offer you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the fantastic Canman Comic by Dark Dog. Today, we want to dive into the technical aspects involved when creating a comic. Every Issue always starts with a white paper – and an idea. Step by step the idea starts taking [...]

The Sanabria Dakar Team and Dark Dog Paraguay leave their mark in the Dakar Rally 2014!


The quad pilot Nelson Sanabria of the Sanabria Dakar Rally Team and Dark Dog Paraguay have joined forces in one of the most arduous and demanding cross-country races in Motorsports: the spectacular Dakar Rally 2014. Sanabria is the first Paraguayan pilot to participate in the legendary race in the quad category to face the challenge of the [...]

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