“Cre-active” Street Art – The Wynwood Walls, Miami


‘Creative’, ‘active’, ‘energetic’, and ‘exciting’ are words that best describe the lifestyle that DARK DOG stands for. Apart from active, fun-loving individuals, we are on the lookout for an artistic crowd in constant motion. Skateboards and graffiti have always made a brilliant pair. And ever since the rise of Banksy, street artists have reached the [...]

The World’s Best Freerunners


In the 1980s a group of nine guys in France invented an activity they called l’art du déplacement. They named themselves Yamakasi – a word they borrowed from the Lingala language that can be translated as strong body, spirit or person. In 2001, Luc Besson wrote a movie with the same name that makes reference [...]

The 5 Best Skateparks in the World


Did you know the first skatepark was built in Tucson, Arizona in 1965? Skating has sure come along way since then. The times when skaters had to sneak around for the best surfaces and obstacles are long gone.  You can find skateparks to tear up the floor all over the world. We have selected our [...]

DARK DOG Enduro Team at the Enduro World Series


The DARK DOG Enduro Team is competing in the Enduro World Series (EWS) this season. On our blog they tell us about their experience during the first race in Nevados de Chillán last month: Pedro Barros, racer in the expert category for the DARK DOG Enduro Team tells us: “A party, a competition, or a [...]

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