A Map for Street Art in Montevideo


In DARK DOG’s series about “Cre-active” Street Art we are taking a look at the walls of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Thinking of street art in South America the obvious answers are São Paulo and Buenos Aires, but Montevideo is increasingly popular in the street art scene. In recent months a lot of things have [...]

Fall TV Series Premieres you simply cannot miss!


By now we have gotten over the fact that the temperature decreases and summer is fading. There is no need to frown! We’re actually looking forward to Fall.  The good thing about the colder seasons is you can hang out on the couch to watch some TV.  Now is the time that your favorite shows [...]

DARK DOG Crowned the Rey del Park 2014


Last month snowboarders and skiers from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the US and Canada gathered at El Colorado Ski Center – a 40-minute ride away from Santiago –  for the 10th edition of ‘Rey del Park’. In Chile, ‘Rey del Park’ (translated “King of the Park”) is one of the most important and most anticipated snowboard [...]

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