Atacama Rally 2014 with DARKDOGFamily


Two members of the DARK DOG Family are competing in the Atacama Rally 2014 in Chile that started last Monday. Nelson Sanabria and Francisco Massú – competing in different categories – are representing their respective country and DARK DOG. This race is the fourth and last of the South American Rally Cross Country Championship this [...]

The Most Iconic Horror Movies for Halloween


Darkness falls across the land the midnight hour is close at hand creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood.  We may or may not have borrowed this phrase from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but it sure gets the point across. The spookiest time of the year is upon us. There is no better [...]

The 10 most anticipated records of 2014 – part II


At the beginning of 2014 we wrote about the first part of the 10 most anticipated records of 2014. As we are approaching the end of the year, there are still plenty of record releases we haven’t talked about. Here is DARK DOG’s part 2 of the 10 most anticipated albums of 2014. Frank Ocean [...]

Motorsport Weekend in France powered by DARK DOG


This past weekend DARK DOG supported two of the most important motorsport events in France. The first event is the 12th edition of the DARK DOG Moto Tour – the biggest road motorcycle rally in the world.  This great sporting event had 200 spots for bikers from all backgrounds and levels. Among the main features [...]

Everyday Extraordinary Jobs


Most of us have jobs that don’t deliver a daily dose of adrenaline and excitement. How would you like the idea of having a job that presents you daily with a certain level of risk? You probably are thinking of jobs like bounty hunter, secret FBI agent or SWAT team member, but there are people [...]

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