DARK DOG Enduro Team at the DIRECTV MountainBike Enduro Open


Last weekend the DARK DOG Enduro Team participated in the DIRECTV Enduro Open by SouthTime in Curacaví in the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile. Over 300 racers participated in this race in different categories. There was a high level of competition. The heat and the dust were tough companions on the track. There were three specials [...]

The World’s First Real Hoverboard


Do you remember that glorious day in early March of this year, when a video surfaced on the internet talking about the invention of the hoverboard? Back to the Future and skate fans alike felt an excitement rarely experienced before, only to be disappointed just a few days later by the news that it was [...]

5 Comics You Can’t Miss!


We are almost halfway through the 3rd season of Canman Comic and crazy things are happening! But that’s not all that’s been happening in the comic world. Thanks to the adaption of some comics into major blockbuster motion pictures, original material such as comic books and graphic novels have gained more attention. Today comics are [...]

From Russia with Love


In case you didn’t know DARK DOG recently launched a page on the Russian network vk.com. If you’re on the network, we highly encourage you to follow DARK DOG Energy on vk.com. Staying with the Russian theme, our series about “cre-active” streetart is taking a look at some of the best street artists from Russia. [...]

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