2015: Back to the Future vs. Reality


The second part of the Back to the Future trilogy first came out in 1989 and it took us into the world in the future in 2015. Now – 26 years later – we have actually arrived in the year 2015 in real life how accurate were the predictions of the movie.

Last November we wrote a post about the future became reality in present day focusing mainly on means of transportation like the hoverboard or flying cars, which have become a reality to a certain degree.

But how does the rest of what the future from the movie compare to the real deal?

Video Calls

The movie nails it with videoconference! Services like Skype, FaceTime, etc. allow us to see the person we talk to no matter how far away they are.


Intelligent Clothing

Maybe there is no clothing that dries on its own or adapts to body size yet, but so-called intelligent clothing and wearables like watches and glasses have started to appear on the market.

backtothefuture_02 backtothefuture_01


We mentioned the popularity of drones in our article about CES 2015. Futurists have confirmed that drones are a significant development of our time. They particularly see drones becoming the future for delivery systems. So far, they haven’t been used to take the dog out for a walk as we see in the movie.

backtothefuture_10 backtothefuture_11

Biometric Scanners

Remember that scene where the police finds Jennifer in the street behind a dumpster, identifies her through her fingerprint and brings her home? Present Jennifer was also able to enter the house with her fingerprint. We already see cell phones on the market that are using this technique to identify their user.


Nike has confirmed that it will release a new line of Nike MAGs the shoe from the movie for the 30th anniversary of the film. So really the only conclusion we can come to is that THE FUTURE IS NOW!


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