Banksy’s Documentary About Gaza


Ironically enough street artist Banksy owes much of his fame to the fact that his identity remains unknown, but that’s not all. The world’s most mysterious street artist paved the way for street art to become a socially acceptable form of art and not mere vandalism. Banksy is known for his politically outspoken art that [...]

The Comic Book Movies That Come Out in 2015!


The first very successful comic book movie adaptation that came to the big screen was X-Men in 2000 and ever since then all big studios wanted a piece of the cake. The comic book movie-making work has developed into an industry of its own. Several websites have published a calendar for the comic book movies [...]

2015: Back to the Future vs. Reality


The second part of the Back to the Future trilogy first came out in 1989 and it took us into the world in the future in 2015. Now – 26 years later – we have actually arrived in the year 2015 in real life how accurate were the predictions of the movie. Last November we [...]

The Best Super Bowl Ads 2015


Almost a week has gone by and we had time to process the 49th Super Bowl. The New England Patriots won against the Seattle Seahawks in what seems a Hollywood ending type of match. Aside from the game itself this mega event is known for an exciting half time show and the advertisements. No other [...]

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