7 gamers to follow from Latin America


Youtubers have become the television hosts of XXI Century. Nowadays, the most popular genre is the so called “Gamers”: recordings from youtubers who are playing the most popular games like Minecraft, GTA, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed…

Youngters (and not so young), love the comments and adventures that these new mass icons go through: they sell books, appear on TV ads, fill concert halls… This kind of format they produce is closer to the audiences and is moving big money thanks to advertising.

1. HolaSoyGerman

Germán is the biggest Chilean Youtuber, and in fact he is the most popular Spanish speaker Youtuber worldwide. This channel is not like the comic videos that made him popular. He’s into gamers, where he also uses his personal sense of humor playing different games, including retro games.

2. Fernanfloo

Fernanfloo is a Salvadorian Youtuber who usually uploads very crazy and funny videos. He has a lot of fans and naysayers on Social Media, where he publishes his gameplays with his particular mood.

3. Vardoc 1

Vardoc is the nickname of Nicolás Ignacio Liñán de Ariza Baquerizo, one of the most important Youtubers in Chile. For many years he was the biggest Youtuber in his country, until the arrival of Germán. Vardoc creates gameplays from many games and other different videos.

4. Jugando con Natalia

“Jugando con Natalia” is probably one of the oddest examples of the gamer community. Natalia Dim is actually a man called Juan Manuel Paradiso. He uploads videos from different games like Minecraft, GTA or Mortal Combat. His black humor its often criticized.

5. DeiGamer

DeiFamer is David Medina’s alter ego. He is considered the third biggest Youtuber in Argentina (including non-gamers) and started by doing Minecraft gameplays and raps. Nowadays he also creates parodies, vlogs, and gameplays from indie games.

6.Diego Mexivergas de La Mattaz

Mexivergas is a character created by Diego de la Mattaz, a Colombian man who creates videos from videogames and other platforms where he criticizes Youtubers, especially those from Spain.

7. TheDaarick28

TheDaarick28 is a Peruvian Youtuber that makes videos especially from the Minecraft universe. He has more than 600,000 subscribers by the time this post was written.

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