Alter-Ego of Canman


Batman has one. Superman has one. Ironman has one. Spiderman has one. And so does Canman. We are talking about so called “alter-egos ” –  the human doubles of superheroes.


In Canman Comic this alter-ego is “Matt”, who together with his dog “Darky”, transforms into Canman when drinking DARK DOG Energy Drink.
Matt and Darky have completely different character traits than Canman, in order to provide the much needed cover and keep their friends and family safe from his enemies.



And of course there´s no human world without human problems: Matt has to make decision to save the world at the expense of his personal desires, which includes not “knowing” Alicia in real life.

But even though his second life does not only have advantages, saving us from drowsiness and exhaustion does turn Matt and Darky in heroes, too, which makes these hardships worth it, doesn´t it?


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