An Epic Race and much more


DARK DOG Enduro Team tells us about their last two races. They went through tough moments, going to the limit, but at the end they achieved what they wanted and are content with the experience.

Incredible race, having the sensation of adrenaline in your veins was spectacular!” That’s how Joan Soro starts talking about the Plaza Trails Downhill Cup.


We can celebrate two victories. Javi Tagle and Juanjo Valverde ended up on the podium in their respective categories.

Rodrigo Salinas tells us “What a weekend! The Plaza Brothers showed once more that they are the leaders in building circuits, our team on the podium, incredible [..] I’m happy about the experience, how DARK DOG helped in the organization and that we were able to show that we can do big things!”


Moving on to the experience during the 3rd stop of the Santa Cruz Montenbaik Enduro by MTBLab.

The weather forecast a couple of days before the race already looked adverse and left room for it to be one of the toughest races in the history of Enduro in Chile. We are at the feet of the Central Andes.

We didn’t expect so much roughness, for some the race turned into plain mud in all its forms and expressions, with water, snow, cold, fog and wind. The adversity of nature combined with the poor signage of the circuit created a hostile atmosphere, in which more than half of all participants didn’t finish the race.


JM Mitjans says “Cold + rain+ DDET = mud + fun”. An epic race! It hasn’t rained this hard in years!

We want to congratulate Pedro, Javier and Rodrigo, our 3 brave riders that mananged to finish this great challenge.

This was a really important race for the team, because at the end the whole team was able to be there to share this great moment.

Rodrigo tells us: This race brought us to the limit. [...] More than physical, it was mental strength that made us continue [...] it is exactly in these moments of adversity where the best or the worst comes out in us. In this case it was the best [...] I’m extremely happy to have finished well and enjoy Machalí.


Thanks to Dogman Photos who captured the best moments again.

Thanks to DARK DOG and our other sponsors DEFT FAMILY, MOTOREXCHILE and PLANK’S that made all of this possible.

From DARK DOG World we which DDET good luck for the next races!

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