Atacama Rally 2014 with DARKDOGFamily


Two members of the DARK DOG Family are competing in the Atacama Rally 2014 in Chile that started last Monday. Nelson Sanabria and Francisco Massú – competing in different categories – are representing their respective country and DARK DOG.



This race is the fourth and last of the South American Rally Cross Country Championship this year.

Last Monday the race started in La Serena, a popular spot for visitors in Chile due to its nature. For the riders the Atacama Desert is a great challenge. The race is divided into 5 stages, each of them bears it’s own adventure and together they make a versatile route to face. It is a mixture of dunes, hills and mountains, sandy areas right by the sea, and much more. Maybe that’s why many view this rally as one of the best preparations for the Dakar Series 2015 that starts in January.


Both of the DARK DOG riders have high expectations for this race.

Nelson for his part just won 2nd place in the Argentinian Rally Cross Country Championship in the last race he participated in this month. Earlier this year he was crowned Champion of the Dakar Series 2014 in his category.


One of the most recent additions to the DARK DOG Family, Francisco Massú may not count as many titles, but he is eager to change this very soon! He is motivated to face new challenges and prepared for anything with the energy of DARK DOG!


The two of them had a chance to meet before the race. Francisco shared the moment on Instagram.

“Con el campeón de quads del team #darkdog @nelsitosan en el Latino Americano de rally. #darkdogfamily.”

(With the champion in the quads of the #darkdog team @nelsitosan at the Latin American rally. #darkdogfamily.”)

Great to see that even during in midst of competition there is time to make a connection. DARK DOG will deliver the necessary energy for this tough race! On our page DARK DOG World on Facebook, we will keep you updated. If you aren’t doing so already follow our riders on Instagram @nelsitosan @panchomassu.

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