Best 10 VR games coming in 2017


Virtual reality is … real, well not really, but you understand what we mean. Last year was the year of the VR glasses, and this year is when the main games come for these new devices. Here we introduce you what arethe main launches for VR video games are going to be:

Stark Trek: Bridge Crew

In this new game of the saga, you are the owner of the destination of the ship U.S.S Aegis, your mission will be to explore an unknown place in the universe called The trench with the hope of finding a new home for the Vulcan population. Every movement, every action, every decision, will be in your hands, you are the main character, the communication between you and the crew will be key. Total immersion in the incredible world of Star Trek.

Gran Turismo Sport

New title of the famous motorsport saga, and first in virtual reality. This Gran Turismo is loaded with many news: more than 100 new vehicles and 30 new circuits. The game of eSports comes with improved graphics and a driving experience as realistic as possible, if you add to that experience with virtual reality glasses, this video game becomes a must for any lover of driving.

Ark Park

This video game brings us closer to the ancient owners of our planet, the dinosaurs. You can visit a huge biological reserve, Jurassic Park style, and get to know its incredible inhabitants, touch them, play with them and even ride them. The goal of the game is to turn the player into an explorer, make him live in first person and with the help of virtual reality a unique experience that in turn is also didactic.


Are you a karaoke fan? If the answer is yes then this is your game. SingSpace is an interesting proposal that consists of transporting the player to a local karaoke with his/her friends, wherever they are, and sing together their favorite songs. For the most timids, there is also the option to sing individually.


For this video game you will have to use all your ingenuity to escape the sinister installations of an underwater research center where dark and chilling experiments are taking place. This survival horror game will not make it easy for you to escape from the laboratory, you must use all your senses to find a way out.

Fallout 4

Fourth title of the saga of this classic of the roll. In this sequel as before, the world is devastated by a nuclear war, this time you will be the only human survivor left in the shelter 111, but you will not be alone, you will fight the rest of creatures that now populate the city of Boston.

Robo Recall

This new title slightly resembles Will Smith’s “Me, Robot” movie, a handful of defective robots are performing an uprising, and you, you must use your skills at the controls, and  the weapons at your disposal to eliminate and stop this android revolutiont. The virtual reality experience will allow you to interact, as never before in a game of these characteristics, with your environment.


Another post-apocalyptic title that transports us to 100 years in the future where only a few humans live in colonies on the equator of our planet, the rest of the earth is frozen. The world is a dangerous place where some criminals and creatures will be a threat to your survival. This shooter offers some spectacular graphics, the experience with virtual reality promises to be spectacular.

Tekken 7

Legendary game in the industry, get ready for the final title of the saga with epic battles in the family clan of the Mishima. Love, revenge and pride, in virtual reality and 3 dimensions, among the 30 selectable fighters. A new Tekken for a new generation. Essential.

Second life

Do you remember this game? Years ago it was the game of the moment, it offered a virtual life to its users, where in a fictional world they could interact with other people, more or less like in the movie “Surrogates” that stars Bruce Willis. At the end of this year Second Life will have a second life, literally, and this time in virtual reality.


One day you wake up, you do not remember anything, you start walking but you do not recognize your surroundings, you do not know who you are and why you are here. You do not have information of what happenned, but everything is surrounded by a halo of mystery. This is Essence, a game of exploration, an extensive and fascinating world full of intrigues and adventures that you will have to discover by yourself.

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