Best of Season 2 of Canman Comic – Part 1


After an incredible season of Canman Comic, it’s time to recap the highlights of the superhero saga.

The big fight

Season 2 of Canman Comic takes off with a nasty attack at Dark Dog City Hospital. Matt, who has grown into his new life as a superhero, fights his first great battle against Mr. Drowsiness, the evil villain behind all the mess.



A fateful coincidence

The energy super shot set off by Canman has knocked out both Mr. Drowsiness and our superhero. In the meantime, Alicia, who was working in the hospital during the attack, finds Canman’s magic bracelet in the wrecks. A fateful coincidence that will have major consequences!


The turning point

From here, Canman Comic reaches an interesting turning point. Not only is Alicia mistaken for Canman and later on kidnapped by Mad Joe, the new bad guy to hit the scene on a mysterious mission. It’s also the beginning of an unfolding, secret love story, as bit by bit, Matt becomes aware of his feelings for Alicia. Could it be that Alicia feels the same way? Possibly so! Shortly after finding the bracelet, she sets out to defend Matt from Mr. Drowsiness, proving her bravery and hidden fondness of Matt.


As our hero recovers and transforms into Canman, he is able to crush Mr. Drowsiness, but in the meantime…Alicia has disappeared! Will Canman be able to rescue her?


Stay tuned for the second part of the highlights from the grandiose Season 2 of Canman Comic!!

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