Best of Season 2 of Canman Comic – Part 2


A brilliant idea

In part 1 of “Best of Season 2”of Canman Comic we reviewed the superhero’s first big fight of the season, the development of the secret love story between Matt and Alicia, as well her sudden disappearance. Needless to say, Matt is very concerned about her. But being the superhero that he is, he quickly comes up with a brilliant idea to track her down: using his super smell powered by DARK DOG.



The magic ritual on Ahu Tongariki

As Canman goes around the world using his supersonic speed, finally, he arrives on the Easter Island in Chile. Soon we understand why. Alicia has been imprisoned in a dark cave situated deep under the shore of the Island, mistaken for our superhero. A mysterious old man and the odd fellow Mad Joe are planning to perform a magic ritual with her and Canman’s powerful bracelet in Ahu Tongariki, a holy site on the Easter Island known for its sacred power. Thereby the old man plans to invoke the MAOI gods and offer them Canman´s bracelet – one of the oldest and most coveted sources of energy in the world. With the support of the gods and the power of the bracelet, the man plans his takeover.


A convincing charade

Shortly after his arrival on the Easter Island, Canman turns back into Matt, who has now has to sketch a plan in order to rescue Alicia. Now, Season 2 reaches a point of great tension: either Matt manages to put on a convincing charade in front of the villains – or him and Alicia are dead. Luckily, his astuteness and a can of DARK DOG help him transform into Canman and show the evil guys who is boss. Alicia is overwhelmed by Canman’s bravery and deeply grateful for saving her again.

An unhappy ending?

But this is not the happy ending to our love story just yet. Not only doesn´t Alicia know that Canman is actually Matt, whom she thinks of as a coward, since he ran away in order to find a can of Dark Dog when she was confronting Mr. Drowsiness. As Canman takes Alicia back home to Dark Dog City, it seems like something bad has been going on since they left. The once vibrant city is immersed in unpleasant darkness.


Want to find out what´s going on? Stay tuned for the exciting season 3, with more incredible adventures, hard battles and unexpected new characters to hit the scene!

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