Fourth season – Now easier to read and enjoy


CANMAN has come back stronger than ever with the launching of a new season that full of novelties. DARK DOG’s superhero will be back with the release of two spectacular new platforms that will change the way his fans experience his epic adventures.


New CANMAN Comic App:

The fourth season will have a better display on mobile devices thanks to the Canman Comic App. The app that is now available on Apple Store and Google Play, will help Canman fans achieving a better reading experience. From now on comic followers will be able to read the new season, as well as all previous seasons on their mobile devices. And what’s best, all four seasons are in English, Spanish and German. Great!

New CANMAN Comic Website:

On the other hand, CANMAN’s website also has a brand new design. It has been improved and adapted to have a better look and a more interactive layout. It’s Fantastic! Have a look yourself!


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