Villains- the counterpart of superheroes


Besides Canman, Matt and Darky there´s still one key part missing in this story. And it´s almost the most important part of any superhero story- the counterpart. Because without the existence of the evil Canman would be literally unemployed.
So, once Canman was created, we needed to create villains, who could take it up with him. Because the secret of a “good” villain is to make them challenging for your superhero, not easy to defeat.
What Joker is for Batman, Venom for Spiderman and Lex Luther for Superman – Dr. Exhaustion and Mr. Drowsiness are for Canman. Two bad guys motivated by different reasons.Dark Dog superhero comi As Mr. Drowsiness suffers from a sickness that means he cannot stand even the slightest noise, he absolutely hates the activating, energizing and strengthening effects that DARK DOG Energy drinks have on people, and of course, on Canman- the superhero, whose powers come from this drink.

Dark Dog webcomic

On the other hand, Dr. Exhaustion´s main aim is taking over the world by sucking out the energy of everyone who stands in his way, which puts Canman directly on the top of his “most wanted” list.

Dark Dog superhero comic

We believe that these antagonists have it all – the cruelty, the craziness, the desire to win – AND the brains to keep Canman always busy!

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