The 10 best issues of Canman


Saving the world is not an easy task… and we’re sure Canman would agree! However, because of doing so, our favorite superhero has given us some amazing and iconic moments throughout more than 80 issues and 4 seasons. Looking back in retrospective, we will now choose our 10 personal favorites: 1. Season 1 – Issue [...]

Tips to have the PERFECT weekend


For some people there is not such thing as the perfect weekend. For others, all weekends are wonderful and perfect. Weekends can be the best time do some special activities (for those who are fortunate enough to not work these days), and we have to make them memorable! The best advice we can give, which [...]

12 MUST-WATCH movies inspired by comics


Superheroes genre was created by the comic industry. This industry made possible thousands of spectacular frames that became part of the history of cinema. Although it may be quite unfair that we only include 12 films in this selection (as many films are worthy of the label “have to watch at least once in a [...]

Fourth season – Now easier to read and enjoy


CANMAN has come back stronger than ever with the launching of a new season that full of novelties. DARK DOG’s superhero will be back with the release of two spectacular new platforms that will change the way his fans experience his epic adventures. New CANMAN Comic App: The fourth season will have a better display [...]

Canman returns this fall, and he’s stronger than ever!


CANMAN Comic comes back this new season with more energy than ever! For the following months, every two weeks will be released a new epic chapter of this graphic novel.   The new episodes will develop an incredible story filled with new situations and problems. The writers and designers has revealed that the new season, [...]



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