The Comic Book Movies That Come Out in 2015!


The first very successful comic book movie adaptation that came to the big screen was X-Men in 2000 and ever since then all big studios wanted a piece of the cake. The comic book movie-making work has developed into an industry of its own. Several websites have published a calendar for the comic book movies [...]

5 Comics You Can’t Miss!


We are almost halfway through the 3rd season of Canman Comic and crazy things are happening! But that’s not all that’s been happening in the comic world. Thanks to the adaption of some comics into major blockbuster motion pictures, original material such as comic books and graphic novels have gained more attention. Today comics are [...]

Comic characters in real life


Some might consider comics or cartoons a form of art directed to a young audience, but in reality the humor, caricature and satire depicted in these drawings speak to all ages really. And while we think that bringing animations to real life in movies is a rather recent form of entertainment, the origins go back [...]



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