The Energy of Copa América


Excitement is building up over the course of today, because later on today the biggest soccer tournament in South American history is kicking off. 12 teams are competing to lift the highly desired trophy. Since 1916 the Copa America has been played. Formally it was known as the “South American Championship” until the name changed [...]

Rallying Through Germany with DARK DOG


DARK DOG is a proud sponsor of the Ravenol Team Nebel. The team is composed of Torben Nebel (D) and Gino Kruhs (F) and their weapon of choice is a Citroën DS 3 R1. The season began last March and they are in the race for the Citroën Racing Trophy 2015. They have started the [...]

The DARK DOG Football-Tennis Team


Do you know what football-tennis is? Well, it’s a sport that combines aspects of the two modalities that form its name. It’s played with a football using any part of the body except for hands and arms. The game is played on a tennis court and you can play in singles or teams of two [...]

R/C Drift Racing with DARK DOG


The art of drifting has its origins in the Japan of the 1970s. A guy named Kunimitsu Takahashi was the creator of the techniques. Fascinated by it, another Japanese guy named Keiichi Tsuchiya perfected the skills and later became known as the “Drift King.” Over the years since drifting exploded into one of the most [...]

Emojis Are Taking Over The World


If you’re an iOS user you might have already downloaded the latest 8.3 update. The highlight of this update the Internet is most raving about is the fact that Apple added new emojis for more diversity.  Now users can select from over 300 new emojis in different skin tones, also offering same-sex family emojis as [...]



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