The Best Super Bowl Ads 2015


Almost a week has gone by and we had time to process the 49th Super Bowl. The New England Patriots won against the Seattle Seahawks in what seems a Hollywood ending type of match. Aside from the game itself this mega event is known for an exciting half time show and the advertisements. No other [...]

Fall TV Series Premieres you simply cannot miss!


By now we have gotten over the fact that the temperature decreases and summer is fading. There is no need to frown! We’re actually looking forward to Fall.  The good thing about the colder seasons is you can hang out on the couch to watch some TV.  Now is the time that your favorite shows [...]

Canman City Hero game out now!


Dear friends, We proudly present you our brand new game app by Dark Dog: CANMAN CITY HERO – a thrilling arcade game that captures all the action and energy of the Canman Comic. Fire off energy beams and fight against time to ward off the worst breakout of villains around the globe and become a [...]

Comic characters in real life


Some might consider comics or cartoons a form of art directed to a young audience, but in reality the humor, caricature and satire depicted in these drawings speak to all ages really. And while we think that bringing animations to real life in movies is a rather recent form of entertainment, the origins go back [...]

Most amazing skate news of the month


When something manages to stand out amongst all the online clutter, you just know it must be truly amazing. So, put your hands together for the most amazing skate news of the month. 1. Back to the future with the HUVr board If you were born in the 80’s you most likely grew up watching [...]



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