The challenge of the perfect alcohol-free cocktail


Every 24th August, Uruguay celebrates “La Noche de la Nostalgia” (“The Night of Nostalgia” in English). It is called like this as people dances to the rhythm of the music from the 60s and the 70s, as they dress up with different costumes to make the night even funnier. But this year the event has been quite different from previous years: the homecoming drivers have been safer than ever, thanks to the Alejandra Forlán Foundation and DARK DOG.


As a plan to reduce accidents on the road, the Uruguayan Foundation, created a delicious alcohol-free cocktail, as part of its awareness campaign for designated drivers. The tasty cocktail, was named “El Despabilador” (or the “Ginger Up” drink in English), and makes people stay awake during driving In different parties and clubs, DARK DOG was present with this energetic beverage, which helped drivers to stay alert when driving back home.

El Despabilador

The delicious cocktail, that has been very successful among those who tried it, contains: 200ml of DARK DOG, fresh mint leaves, limejuice, ice and sugar. Mojito lovers will probably recognize some of its ingredients! Certainly, what makes this cocktail perfect for drivers is the fact that it is alcohol-free.


Alejandra Forlán, chairman of the Foundation, and sister of the Uruguayan international football player Diego Forlán, has been in the look for raising awareness on people not to drink if they have to drive. The successful campaign has been mentioned in many national media, such as El País Uruguay, Teledoce and El Observador.


Certainly, El Despabilador is a great beverage! It is expected that from now on this cocktail will become the favorite drink among designated drivers. Try to make this energy cocktail at home, ask your bartender or play with your friends as they guess the cocktail ingredients!

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