Christmas Traditions from Around the World


Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated worldwide, but every community and culture has its own traditions. Depending on where you are from you can relate to some and others are just strange to you.

Christmas in summer?!

What are the typical Christmas associations? Santa Clause, reindeers, a christmas tree, snow, etc. The DARK DOG Fans in Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, for example are in plain summer at the moment.



The cradle of DARK DOG Energy Drink has a rather scary tradition embodied in the ‘Krampus’. Men walk dress up as demon-like creatures to scare adults and children. So watch out when you’re on one of the famous Christmas markets sippin’ on some ‘Glühwein’.


Catalonia (Spain)

Curiously the traditions to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Catalonia have a close connection to excrement: The Tió de Nadal and the Caganer. The first mentioned is a wooden log that gets fed and kept warm during the days before Christmas then children beat it with a stick, so that it will “poop” out presents. The Caganer is an essential part of any nativity scene, a person with pulled down pants doing a “Number 2″.



The Russian Christmas traditions follow the Orthodox calendar, so Christmas is most commonly celebrated on January 7 and the second New Year’s on the 14th, though the other dates are also acknowledged. The Russian version of Santa Clause is name ‘Ded Moroz’. Starting at Christmas on the 7th until the Epiphany on the 19th, Russian engages in Svyatki activities, Christmastide, fortune telling for the New Year and caroling.



For Christmas families go to KFC to eat buckets of “Christmas Chicken”. This trend started in the 1970s with a very successful marketing campaign and has been going strong ever since. “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!)


There are plenty of other Christmas traditions that might seem strange to some, in India you decorate banana trees, in Venezuela you go roller-skating, etc. Whatever your Christmas traditions may be the most important is to enjoy and spend some quality time with friends and family. From DARK DOG we wish you Happy Holidays!

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