Cre-active Street Art by DALeast


As August marks a vacation month for many, in this edition of “Cre-active” Street Art, DARK DOG will send you on a journey following the steps of a street artist who left his mark in many parts of the world with his unique style and impacting pieces.

Like many of his equals, this artist prefers not to reveal his real name, but he is known as DALeast. Of Chinese origin he calls South Africa his home now when he is not travelling tagging walls all over the world.



For the sake of this series of articles DARK DOG looks for artists that stand out from the crowd.  His signature painting style gives all his pieces a very special touch. They look like a composition of thousands of little metal shards put together to shape an animal or a human in motion. Though spray-painted on flat surfaces, his paintings have a lot of texture. It makes you want to touch them.

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

In an interview he was asked about the obstacles his job can bring and he said:

‘Life always give one troubles but my work gives me a lot of opportunity to face these troubles.  Any situation can arise when you work in the public space. But I hope I am creating illusions through my paintings that can be a switch for people’s minds.’

He has been creating art since age 3, but didn’t get into street art until 2004. Asked about his work, he further adds:

‘I like to express life-emotions and the environment, and use different artistic forms to speak.  I prefer people staring at my work without saying any words – it means they are taking it in.’



The conclusion is: DALeast sparks the kind of emotion and energy that DARK DOG is looking for. If you are travelling this summer maybe you will spot some of his work or maybe you have seen one of his pieces in your city?

The images in this post are all courtesy of DALeast’s website. You can check out more of his work there. One of his pieces graces the walls of Austria – the origin of DARK DOG. Have you seen it?



Remember, if you can think of other great street artists that we should know about share them with us!

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