“Cre-active” Street Art – The Wynwood Walls, Miami


‘Creative’, ‘active’, ‘energetic’, and ‘exciting’ are words that best describe the lifestyle that DARK DOG stands for. Apart from active, fun-loving individuals, we are on the lookout for an artistic crowd in constant motion.

Skateboards and graffiti have always made a brilliant pair. And ever since the rise of Banksy, street artists have reached the type of fame that goes far beyond ‘street cred‘. Graffiti and stencils once considered vandalism and mischief have become public art, a clever expression of critique on politics and society, often times used as tool to revitalize urban neighborhoods.


In a series we named “Cre-active” Street Art, we would like to introduce emerging and established “outdoor galleries”, mapping out an off-the-beaten-path guide for you of some must see artwork around the world.

We would like to start off with a rather recent alternative to Eastside Gallery in Berlin or 5 Pointz in New York, which sadly closed down last year to make room for a residential project. Our eyes are on the Wynwood Walls near downtown Miami this month!


Since 2009, Wynwood has blossomed into a mecca for Miami’s creative crowd. The large stock of plain warehouses with no windows served as giant blank canvases to renowned street artists from all over the world. To only name a few: Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Aiko, Retna, Ryan McGinness,…

Since the beginning this project spread out like wildfire in the entire Wynwood neighborhood that today attracts a growing number of visitors. There is always a new exhibit, a new wall piece or a new hotspot to discover. However, the best time to visit might be during Art Basel, an annual art fair held during the first week of December. Every second Saturday of the month, the Wynwood Art Walk takes place. All galleries are open, many people are on the streets for a stroll and the bars and restaurants are buzzing.


Wynwood has become the home for innovation and new ideas, the perfect place for start-ups and small designer boutiques. DARK DOG is proud to say that we have teamed up with The Lab Miami, a huge warehouse in Wynwood turned collaborative work and event space. #DARKDOGORGANIC fuels Miami’s forward-thinking minds with the necessary energy in this creative, ever-evolving community.

Have you been to Wynwood? What was your favorite piece?

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