“Cre-active” Street Art – Valparaíso, Chile


A little while ago, we introduced a series we call “Cre-active” Street Art, in which DARK DOG would like to provide an off-the-beaten-path travel guide of some must-see artwork around the world.


The next destination on our map is one of the most recent emerging meccas for street art: the city of Valparaíso in Chile. This city is structured by the many ‘cerros’ (hills) that form a natural amphitheater overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The poetic scenery of ‘Valpo’ – as locals call it – has always had an artistic vibe and was frequented by the bohemian crowd of Chile. Nowadays many people consider it a smaller Latin version of Berlin. When the city was name UNESCO World Heritage Center in 2003, necessary financial support arrived to turn it into the country’s most creative city.


The hills of Valpo are characterized by colorful buildings that house many bars, restaurants, and galleries in particular showcasing great Latin American art, but the art is not only to be found indoors. Street art has taken over the hills in recent years; especially the walls in Cerro Alegre, Cerro Polanco and Cerro Cárcel are adorned with great murals from artists from all over the world. If you’re looking for creativity that’s where you need to go!


In 2012 Cerro Polanco held the first Latin American Graffiti Festival, Polanco Graffestival. On the this page you see photos of artworks with artists.

Cerro Cárcel (“Prison Hill”) earns his name from the former prison that was located in the area in 1854. Afterwards occupied by an art collective, it today serves as a cultural center, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso. Here is where musicians and acrobats gather at sunset to rehearse or start impromptu jam sessions.

The growing popularity and increase of street art in Valpo also has special appeal for its visitors that led to organizing touristic tours to explore the cerros. During some of these tours guided by some of the artists themselves, visitors not only admire the art, but they can also create street art leaving their mark on the walls of Valpo.


If you are travelling to Chile Valparaíso is a must-see. For more information on street art in Valpo you can visit this Facebook page or this website.

If you have already been there what are your recommendations? Do you have any favorites?

If you know any other places to discover great street art share them with DARK DOG! Maybe you will provide our next feature!

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