DARK DOG Enduro Team at the Enduro World Series


The DARK DOG Enduro Team is competing in the Enduro World Series (EWS) this season. On our blog they tell us about their experience during the first race in Nevados de Chillán last month:


Pedro Barros, racer in the expert category for the DARK DOG Enduro Team tells us:

“A party, a competition, or a world championship? It’s difficult to describe. It has been one of the most entertaining and interesting weekends I have had in a while. Now a couple of days after the first round of the EWS, all that I imagined and expected is not enough. Reality has exceeded all my expectations. I don’t know how to explain, but everything was just perfect! [...]. I was a unique and special event, far beyond competing, the end results or my personal performance during the race.”


Rodrigo Salinas, the latest addition to the team tells us about his experience:

“So many people, more than 400 racers, families, kids spread out in the perfect location for this event. The impressive nature welcomed us at its best, the colors of the leafs in all the shades of red you can imagine…Wow, and seeing the world’s best to go deep here in the hills, is something you can’t pay for.

It was a 4 spectacular days, 6 special challenges, 5 to 13 minutes of myocardial pedalling through ancient oak woods. Although were in the middle of fall we had the sun accompanying us throughout the whole time surprising us with picture-perfect landscapes and scenes.


There is so much to learn and so much to deliver to those who are participating. After the first round of the EWS we are so motivated to continue enjoying this magnificent healthy  “vice” called bicycle.

The atmosphere was perfect, so many friends, a good vibe, great practice and so much more to come during this championship 2014.

Thanks to everyone who helped us with this project, especially to DARK DOG who took a chance on us and made us their ambassadors.

We’ll see you in the hills!”


This Saturday May 10, 2014 you have the opportunity to meet the DARK DOG Enduro Team. Join the team’s training. Last time nearly 40 bikers of all levels came to enjoy a morning of fun and training.

For more information you can visit the DARK DOG Enduro Team‘s page.

Come along, they’ll wait for you this Saturday, May 10 at 9:30am to go for a ride at the Clásico Durazno Bike Park!


Photo Credit: Dogman Photos

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