Dark Dog Enduro Team Chile at the Montenbaik Enduro Championship 2013


Last September the Montenbaik Enduro championship 2013 took place in the reserve El Durazno, Chile. One of the most expected dates, that tested our Dark Dog Enduro Team’s endurance and expertise. And it’s no wonder that the El Durazno circuit was anything but an easy race! Eternal uphill pedaling, limited shuttle times and steep downhill riding demanded great skill and nerves of steel, taking our team to the extreme. Without a doubt, the most demanding date so far! “Living this experience was definitely worth the effort, since it was richly rewarded”, said Pedro Barros, the team leader of the Dark Dog Enduro Team Chile, recapping the race. Felipe Barra, Dark Dog Master A rider, added: “This date reflects that as a team we are becoming more prepared to deal with the complexities of the championship”.

The Dark Dog Enduro Team Chile can’t wait for the next race, which is going to take place on November 1st and 2nd in Valdivia, Chile. Stay tuned for more updates here, on Dark Dog world! Meanwhile, relive the emotion and action of the race in El Durazno.

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3ra Fecha del Montenbaik Enduro powered by Sram 2013 en El Durazno from Montenbaik.com on Vimeo.

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