Emojis Are Taking Over The World


If you’re an iOS user you might have already downloaded the latest 8.3 update. The highlight of this update the Internet is most raving about is the fact that Apple added new emojis for more diversity.  Now users can select from over 300 new emojis in different skin tones, also offering same-sex family emojis as an option, and there are even 32 more country flags.


You might think that grown people don’t care much about an update in emojis, but judging from the response on social media people were quicker than ever to update to iOS 8.3 because of the new possibilities in emojis.


Remember the days when the combination of : -) was as good as it got to transmit the slightest bit of emotion or feeling over a message? Well, now we are in the age where even letters are no longer needed to text. Across all ages, emojis have turned into the favorite method of communication.


Despite all the new color shades, country flags and patchwork family emojis, a majority of users are still missing some options. For example, the lack of a middle finger emoji; well, it seems like you still have to use letters and words to flip someone off per text. Another emoji people wish to see is the taco and the burrito. Guess you will have to settle for the fried shrimp and a flan for now.

Have you downloaded iOS 8.3 yet? What’s your favorite emoji? Which emoji is missing in your opinion?

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