Everyday Extraordinary Jobs


Most of us have jobs that don’t deliver a daily dose of adrenaline and excitement. How would you like the idea of having a job that presents you daily with a certain level of risk?

You probably are thinking of jobs like bounty hunter, secret FBI agent or SWAT team member, but there are people with much more “ordinary” jobs that don’t necessarily get depicted in any great motion picture. There are many everyday jobs that are just as exciting and require the ability to remain calm in the face of danger. At DARK DOG we want to applaud those people for their courage to take on the risks they do every day.

So today the spotlight is on everyday extraordinary jobs!

Wall Dogs

Definitely not an occupation for those afraid of heights! Wall dogs are painters and artists that paint big advertisements on walls. The name comes from the fact that they are chained to the wall like a dog on a leash and they work like dogs often pulling 11-12 hour shifts to get a job done.



Commercial fishing has absolutely nothing to do with this mental image many have of fishing as a relaxing hobby to pass free time. Fishing in open waters you will face strong winds, waves and unpleasantly low temperatures. Especially fishing at night can become really dangerous and fishermen are in danger to fall overboard.


Avalanche Controller

Snow can be a great risk for areas surrounded by mountains. The avalanche control is meant to prevent or reduce this risk by studying the area and the seasonal snowfall and its distribution. In some cases explosive techniques are used to create small avalanches in order to reduce the amount of snow or disrupting weak layers of snow.



The first that comes to mind is the image of a Lumberjack with a checkered shirt in red and black and an axe at hand, but nowadays the attire of a logger requires a lot more protection. The axe is now replaced by a chainsaw, splinters fly through the air, weather conditions like heavy winds and thunderstorms can add to the danger of working outdoors with falling trees and last but not least working in the forest you will encounter lots of species, some of them maybe poisonous.


Metal Workers

If you’re old enough you might think of the movie “Flashdance” where the focus was on exciting dance routines, but working with metal in extremely hot temperatures is highly dangerous. You’re working with immense torches to put together metal structures of considerable size. It requires a steady hand and physical endurance.


Needless to say that these aforementioned jobs need the kind of energy that we at DARK DOG love! Do you work in any of these jobs? Or maybe you work in another exciting everyday job. Let us know!

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