Fall TV Series Premieres you simply cannot miss!


By now we have gotten over the fact that the temperature decreases and summer is fading. There is no need to frown! We’re actually looking forward to Fall.  The good thing about the colder seasons is you can hang out on the couch to watch some TV.  Now is the time that your favorite shows return from their summer hiatus and come back with some new episodes. –if you’re on the other hemisphere of the earth, this article will brighten your spring!

According to the DARK DOG Philosophy, an energetic lifestyle with a lot of action requires some downtime to relax and recharge batteries. Here is a list of series that the DARK DOG Staff is looking forward to. To not ruin the fun we stayed away from any spoilers:

The Big Bang Theory

 (knock, knock, knock) “Penny?”

(knock, knock, knock) “Penny?”

(knock, knock, knock) “Penny?”


Yes, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the rest of the gang are finally back for the 8th season of the show!  Season premiere: September 22

The Simpsons

Our favorite TV family from Springfield is going into their 26th season! No other scripted show in TV history has ever run this long. There is no doubt that this season will feature some great guest stars. Season premiere: September 28



As a much-anticipated new addition to the program, this show will premiere on September 22 and is a prequel to Batman. Protagonists of the story are young Detective James Gordon and an even younger Bruce Wayne.


Person of Interest

As delicate and critical as the topic of surveillance and privacy is, it sure has some viewership on TV. Person of Interest enters its fourth season this fall continuing to depict the American paranoia in the post-9/11 world par excellence. Season premiere: September 23.


The Walking Dead

In the fifth season of the show, Sheriff deputy Rick Grimes continues to fight flesh-eating zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. Prepare for the introduction of a new character. Season premiere: October 12.


What Fall TV show are you mostly looking forward to? Is there any new show that you have on the radar?

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