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Staying with the Russian theme, our series about “cre-active” streetart is taking a look at some of the best street artists from Russia. DARK DOG made a selection of the Top 3:

Nikita Nomerz

Nikita Nomerz is a famous street artist from Nizhny Novgorod. He’s widely known for the project “Living Wall” not only in Russia, but also on international level. Most of his pieces are found in Russia, Belorussia and China. If you would like to know where to find his work you can use this map. His works always make different global rankings of “Best street art all over the world”. His big break came in 2011 when two of his works were included in the rating of Street Art Utopia.


He is currently working on a project that doesn’t have a name yet. But the pictures speak for themselves.


Rustam Qbic

Artist Rustam Qbic from Kazan, Russia expresses his wildly surreal imagination on by painting, sketching, and drawing. He creates huge murals on houses, for example a fish that takes over entire house walls and windows, elephants over giant buildings or a goose whose feathers are made from an ocean of angry waves. All of his creations are based on wonderful ideas and often have to be viewed up close to really appreciate all the details. Besides street art he participates in many exhibitions and festivals.



Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems is an artist from Russia with a wide range of skills. He started off with graffiti as a pioneer in the Russian scene. By now he has a lot more under his belt: his works are published in many magazines and books dedicated to graffiti, graphic design and illustration. He has worked on projects with Nike, Reebok, Sony, Nokia among others. Surely you don’t have to travel to Russia to see some of his work.

Russian_SA_16 Russian_SA_17

Maybe you don’t agree with our Top 3 selection and have some other artists you like. Feel free to share them with us!


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