How to create a comic superhero?


Nowadays everyone is familiar with famous superheroes, but it was not that long ago when these legends were first created. Since the unveiling of the prototypical superhero “Superman” in 1938, superheroes became very popular.
With the birth of Canman – the world´s most energetic superhero – in 2012, the history of superheroes entered a new decade.

Canman, Darky & Matt

But to make that happen, Canman first had to pass through a long creation process. This process basically consisted of asking and answering questions, just like the following:

1.   How shall we call him?
2.  What are his powers from Dark Dog Energy Drink?
3.   How will he discover DARK DOG Energy Drink and its incredible effect?
4.   How will his personality be like?
5.   What defines his everyday personality?
6.   What will he look like?
7.   What are his main enemies?
8.   How is he developing over the story?

The answers to all those questions set the main character traits and skills of our superhero. They are, in some way, the DNA of our superhero.


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