How to make a comic in four steps


In our “Making of” series we offer you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the fantastic Canman Comic by Dark Dog. Today, we want to dive into the technical aspects involved when creating a comic. Every Issue always starts with a white paper – and an idea. Step by step the idea starts taking form, considering each part of the process carefully.


1. Sketch

Canman Comic Making of


First the idea is transformed into a first sketch, using a graphite pencil. And then there´s the second sketch and the third and so on… Only after we are really satisfied with the overall result of one of them, this sketch passes on to the next step in the creation process.

2. Step: Inking

Canman Making Of


As pencil lines are much harder to reproduce, the translation of those into black, reproducible lines is the main goal of inking. Here the look of the finished art is defined by using different line weights, contour styles, solid blacks and textures.

3. Step: Flat color

Canman Making of


Once the line art is done things are getting quite colorful. So-called “flat- colors”- basis tones- are defined and added with large brushes to each part of the picture, working from the background to foreground.

4. Step: Effects

Canman Comic Making of

After applying these basic color tones to the image shadows and lightings are drawn carefully over those, using different kind of textures. That last step transforms the comic from an idea into something that truly has life in it.

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