In the skin of Nelson Sanabria


The Dakar Series  makes its first stop in Paraguay with the Desafío Guaraní.  As follow-up to Desafio 40  in Argentina last April where Paraguay boosted to the 2nd place on the podium, this will be the second of 3 Dakar Series competitions in South America.

Last Sunday over 100,000 fans attended and cheered at the starting ceremony where all participating vehicles crossed the starting ramp after Horacio Cartes, the President of Paraguay gave the symbolic starting signal. All participants were led by DARK DOG rider and local driver Nelson Sanabria, who will pursue a spot on the podium at the end of this race.

It’s a great honor for Sanabria to compete on such high level on home soil and the month leading up to this competition was filled with emotion, enthusiasm and positive energy.

With the help of Nelson’s Twitter (@nelsitosanabria) and Instagram (@nelsitosan) accounts, we slip into his skin to relive his experience.


“Very nervous, little left until I will compete on my own turf.”

“The jacket I will wear during #desafioguarani arrived. Many thanks for the design #radical. We’ll compete with the number #102.”


“Who would have thought! Doing a roadbook in my country”

“Waiting for the team picture for @DesafioGuarani”

“Great day of training!!!”

“Presentation of the Sanabria Dakar Team for the Desafio Guarani. Many thanks to all the sponsors who made this possible!”

From DARK DOG we supported Nelson and the entire Sanabria Dakar Team with the necessary energy to reach their goals set for the Desafío Guaraní, nevertheless nature’s energy got the best of this competition and left no choice, but cancel the last two stages of the race due to dangerous weather conditions. Nelson will step on the podium this afternoon in Asunción accepting the 2nd place. On DARK DOG World on Facebook, we will keep you updated.

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