A Map for Street Art in Montevideo


In DARK DOG’s series about “Cre-active” Street Art we are taking a look at the walls of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Thinking of street art in South America the obvious answers are São Paulo and Buenos Aires, but Montevideo is increasingly popular in the street art scene.


In recent months a lot of things have been happening in Uruguay – from same-sex marriage to legalizing marijuana – and the country is on the rise in terms of economic and social liberalism. There is a certain restlessness that moves through the country like an electric current and you feel it especially in the streets of Montevideo.

Unlike paintings in a gallery a piece of street art is always endangered by a lack of permanence, especially in public space it can quickly be painted over or covered by advertisement.


To archive all the great street art StreetArt was born, an interactive map that indicates where you can find the murals, stencils and graffiti that color that make the walls of Montevideo come to life. The website uses Google maps and locates the different works users send the creators along with a picture. In some cases the artists themselves send their latest works.

The aforementioned short life of graffiti is also indicated on the map. The works that have been removed for some reason or the other are marked with a yellow pin.


Of course this website serves as an excellent off-beat travelguide to Montevideo, in particular Ciudad Vieja and Parque Rodó are colorful parts of the city. Similar to what we told you in our post about street art in Valparaíso, you can take a tour that not only shows you the best murals in Montevideo, but also tells you about their meaning and the artists behind them.

What do you think about this map? Would you use it?

If you have already been in Montevideo what are your recommendations? Do you have any favorites?

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