Most amazing skate news of the month


When something manages to stand out amongst all the online clutter, you just know it must be truly amazing. So, put your hands together for the most amazing skate news of the month.

1. Back to the future with the HUVr board



If you were born in the 80’s you most likely grew up watching “Back to the future” – one of the most popular science fiction movie trilogy of all times. And like every kid who loved these films, you probably dreamed of having your own hoverboard one day. A flying skateboard!

Naturally,  everyone was going crazy in speculation whether the following video was a dream come true or a brilliant PR stunt. The presentation of the HUVr, the world’s first hoverboard, tried and tested by the likes of the skate legend Tony Hawk, musician Moby and the crazy professor from the Back to the Future movie – Dr. Emmett Brown –  himself. Turns out, it was indeed a hoax by the website Funny or Die, meaning that you won’t be flying on hoverboards in the near future.  Feeling sad? Here’s Christopher Lloyd, a.k.a. “Doc Brown”, apology to you.

2. Kilian Martin’s skate art

Whereas the HUVr was, sadly, a fake, watching the videos by Kilian Martin it seems as if this talented skater had mastered the impossible art of flying on his skateboard. Is it art? Is it dancing? Is it skate? It’s all of that and more.



Check it out here:

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