The 16 most spectacular disciplines of the Olympic Games in Rio


Every four years, thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions, to show the world which country has the best teams.

For most athletes, winning an Olympic medal is considered the greatest thing to achieve. For this reason we would like to pay tribute to this outpouring of courage, passion and sacrifice of these gladiators of the XXI century.

Below our selection of the most spectacular Olympic sports that will reach thousands of TV screens from August 5th 2016.


The world of BMX arrives for the third time to the Olympics. Supercross is the only category that participating this edition.

2. Taekwondo

This discipline born in Korea is one of the two martial arts present in the games, together with Judo.

3. Basketball

Olympic basketball is a paradox: It is lead by the Americans; however, it is played using FIBA rules (which do not apply in the NBA).


Most triathletes meet the ideal physical qualities of Olympic games: swimming, running and cycling. They are wonders of nature!

5. Open water

Running ten kilometers may seem like an easy task. However, doing so in open water is a challenge that only the bravest can undertake.

6. Greco-Roman Wrestling

This discipline was born as a tribute to the wrestling formerly found in the ancient civilizations, especially at ancient Greek Olympics. An interesting fact is that there have never been female Greco-Roman wrestlers.

7. Football

Football is present at the Olympic games through its lower divisions (under 23 years old). A great show to meet the promises of the future.

8. Jumping Fences

Jump like gazelles in the savannah is this fate of fence-jumper athletes.


9. Weightlifting

Weight lifting is one of the most extraordinary sports due to the size of the athletes and the weight they manage to hold over their shoulders. To watch live these supermen is a totally awesome experience.

10. Diving

Only a few people in this world may have the skills and energy to jump into the water from such great heights.

11. Rugby

Rugby returns to Rio for the Olympics, after being withdrawn from the program in 1925. It is definitely a sport that has many followers around the world.

12. Judo

This martial art born in Asia, show us spectacular fight techniques as the one you can see in this gif:

13. High jumps

See athletes jump with such coordination and discipline is something really beautiful and spiritual. Often one wonders if they are of the same species as the rest of humans.

14. Table tennis

Also known as Ping Pong, Table Tennis is a discipline in which Chinese athletes tend to show their devilish dexterity and fast reflexes.

15. Marathon

Marathon is the showpiece of athletics: along its 42 kilometers and 125 meters, athletes prove their worth to fatigue and weather adversities that may accompany this long test.

16. Beach Volleyball

Compared to regular Volleyball, Beach Volleyball is considered by many to be more exciting because of the surface on which it is practiced and the masterfully executed jumps that players have to do.

Undoubtedly, all disciplines will be exciting for all lovers of high-level sporting events. The biggest athletic event in the world is revving in Brazil and very soon the Olympic flame will ignite again!
Source of images: Youtube Olympics

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