Motorsport Weekend in France powered by DARK DOG


This past weekend DARK DOG supported two of the most important motorsport events in France.

The first event is the 12th edition of the DARK DOG Moto Tour – the biggest road motorcycle rally in the world.  This great sporting event had 200 spots for bikers from all backgrounds and levels. Among the main features of the 3000km long tour there were seven stopover towns that included three new additions, two scooter categories.


Throughout the whole week there was program in all of the stopovers for the arrival of the participants.  On some days DARK DOG Moto Tour Village was set up that featured the paddock for all racers and different attractions for the whole family: road education for teenagers, an exhibition of old motorcycles, and a breathtaking motorcycle stunt show in the Globe of Death – a metal cage in the shape of a ball with a diameter of 4 meters.


The other event was the Rallye de France – Alsace. On the calendar of the World Rally Championship (WRC), this rally was the eleventh round of a total of thirteen Rally Championship distributed around the globe, from January to November. DARK DOG was one of the official partners providing the necessary energy for this event. The DARK DOG drift racing team did a demo of their skills to get this event started:

Another one of the main attractions was the Globe of Death for the ultimate adrenaline kick.

If you would like to consult the results of the events or see more pictures visit the Facebook page of DARK DOG France.

Here some of the great moments of both events:

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