The story behind CrossFit


If you’ve started reading this article, you may already know what CrossFit is, even you may already practice it, surely you’ve been hearing about it and perhaps you’ve seen some videos or photos of some beast like Felipe Maturana and want Learn more about this sport discipline that already gathers 12,000 gyms around the world [...]

5 best cities for skateboarding in the world


BARCELONA The Catalan capital has been the world’s skateboard Mecca since the late ’90s. The city is full of many iconic spots but there is one that is very special for all the skaters, MACBA, or the square in front of this contemporary museum. Barcelona remains a crown jewel on any skateboarder’s travel list. LOS [...]

The test: Victor Pulgar


BMX RIDER. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly   A place: Woodward  An idol: Ryan Guettler A movie: The pursuit of happiness A book: The secret A song: Get up – Blank A plate of food: Noodles Your main quality: Perfectionist Your worst defect: Trust people that I don’t know much A superstition: Before a competition if I forget [...]

5 benefits of taking a gap year


You are about to finish your studies and you want to do something memorable before joining the labour market, or maybe you have been working for several years and you want to leave the monotony, or perhaps something has happened in your personal life and you need a big change, the reasons that could take [...]

The test: Cristóbal Palominos


3-times World Champion of BMX. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly   A place: Any BMX track An idol: Muhammad Ali A movie: The Undefeated A book: Heroes A song: Stronger – Kanye West A plate of food: Mashed potatoes with meat Your main quality:  Good friend Your worst defect: Pride A superstition: I have a selection of [...]



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