Best 10 VR games coming in 2017


Virtual reality is … real, well not really, but you understand what we mean. Last year was the year of the VR glasses, and this year is when the main games come for these new devices. Here we introduce you what arethe main launches for VR video games are going to be: Stark Trek: Bridge Crew [...]

The test: Emiliano Alvez


SKATEBOARDER. Montevideo, Uruguay #HeroesOnly A place: The streets of Barcelona An idol: Luís Suaréz A movie: We are blood A book: The little Prince A song: The Decline – NOFX A plate of food: Vegetable ravioli with bolognesa Your main quality: Enjoy and share skateboarding Your worst defect: I use my cell phone too much A [...]

How to combat dehydration


While you are reading this article, you may have the enemy closer than you think. If you look sideways or behind you, you will not find it, but it is there, ready to act, and it is very dangerous. I’m talking about thirst. Maybe the question seems obvious but, did you know that when you [...]

The test: Felipe Maturana


World champion of adapted CROSSFIT. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly   A place: Cajón del maipo An idol: Rich Froning A movie: The Avengers A book: The odyssey A song: Siempre natural – Movimiento original A plate of food: Meat with vegetables Your main quality: Smile Your worst defect: Pride A superstition: I always try to meditate and visualise [...]

(Español) Diego Urzua Villa: Campeón de Fútbol Freestyle





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