Open Santiago 2013 Cross Country Paragliding


On December 3rd another great event powered by DARK DOG took place in Chile: The Santiago Cross Country Paragliding Open 2013. With stunning views and the Chilean foothills as a backdrop, the pilots flew during four days of competition under ideal conditions, but not without difficulties, like turbulences in the second goal at 80Km after the start. With a total of 250km traveled over 2000 meters and pilots in three categories – intermediate, sport and open – the tournament took place over the beautiful areas of Santiago, Vizcachas, Colina and Chacabuco.

The championship ended with a tight race between Vizcachas and Pirque and a ceiling of clouds that did not exceed 2000 meters – a condition that raised the level of difficulty considerably! The pilots did their best, making this championship an extraordinary event.

Xc Open Santiago 13 Parapente II from Sebastian Dominguez on Vimeo.

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