The Sanabria Dakar Team and Dark Dog Paraguay leave their mark in the Dakar Rally 2014!


The quad pilot Nelson Sanabria of the Sanabria Dakar Rally Team and Dark Dog Paraguay have joined forces in one of the most arduous and demanding cross-country races in Motorsports: the spectacular Dakar Rally 2014.

Sanabria is the first Paraguayan pilot to participate in the legendary race in the quad category to face the challenge of the world’s toughest endurance race. The motorbikes and the quads were the first ones to take off in Rosario, Argentina, on January the 5th. Their destination? Valparaiso in Chile. Riding across the Argentinean provinces and Bolivia and covering the impressive distance of 9.000 miles. After completing the first stage of the Dakar Rally 2014, quite a few hard challenges still await our Paraguayan motor star. The extreme conditions of the terrain, the altitudes of the Andes, the  drastic changes in temperature, or the inhospitable Atacama Desert demand maximum concentration, excellent physical condition and strategic skills. On the third day of competition Sanabria made his mark by climbing up to the top 10 in quad - a great achievement for the Sanabria Dakar Team and their Yamaha machine!

Dark Dog goes Dakar Rally 2014

The next stage of the race enters today covering the distance between Chilecito and Tucumán. Dark Dog World will keep you posted on the latest news from the hardest Dakar Rally so far and our dune rider Nelson Sanabria!

Check out the best snaps from the first days!

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