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It’s December and good ideas for buying presents are rare. But in DARK DOG we never run out of ideas or creativity! This is why we propose a bunch of cool t-shirts that you can buy for you for your loved ones. We are sure you’ll love our proposals!

Yoshi Park

We love the parodies on T-shirts, and Yoshi Park mixes two genres that we love: Yoshi, the fictional dinosaur from Super Mario Bros video game, and Jurassic Park, the most successful saga about dinosaurs in history.
Buy it here.

Yoshi Park


The funniest Star Wars’ robot is adapted to the current times: Wi-Fi, USB, Firewire, Bluetooth… Who said that in the far far away galaxies weren’t prepared for the XXI century?

Do you want it? Click here.

R2 D2

Mixing Wally-Waldo with Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is probably one of the most famous icons of American music in recent years. The idea of mixing one of the most important songs of the artist with the search for Wally, is absolutely brilliant!

Buy it online here.

Wally Lionel Richie

Cool Kids don’t Dance

Do you think you’re cool? Do you hate dancing? We found a t-shirt that matches perfectly with your personality. You’ll love it!

Became cool clicking here.

Cool kids

Cosmic Apple

Are you fan of all Apple products and science? Do you just like apples much? Either way, do not hesitate to get this striking t-shirt. You’ll never go unnoticed!

Buy this t-shirt at this link.


Android Fan

Android fans have also an exclusive place in our fashion geeky gallery. Some of Android followers think that their mobiles and tablets, created with Google’s operating system are better than Apple ones. If you are one of those, this is your t-shirt!

If you are a real Android fan, buy here your new favorite clothes.

Android eats Apple

My Wife Knows Everything

Women, mothers, girlfriends and wives usually know EVERYTHING. It might seem a somewhat sexist statement, but it’s quite the opposite. It is an obvious demonstration of the intellectual superiority of women, who know more than the almighty Google!

A very special present.

Google wife knows

The Theory of Evolution

Darwin formulated the Theory of Evolution of Species. But this graceful representation of how the homo sapiens sapiens evolves, explains that his theory goes much further.

A “must” for every geek!

Evolution theory

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