The 10 best issues of Canman


Saving the world is not an easy task… and we’re sure Canman would agree! However, because of doing so, our favorite superhero has given us some amazing and iconic moments throughout more than 80 issues and 4 seasons. Looking back in retrospective, we will now choose our 10 personal favorites:

1. Season 1 – Issue #1

1x01The first issue on any comic is the first contact the reader has with the characters and plot, so we could say it’s quintessential for creating an atmosphere that’s both engaging and interesting. In this case, it showed us an intense moment that quickly went from good to bad – and we almost felt obligated to read the next issue so we would know the outcome of the helicopter crash, presented to us in the form of the very first Canman cliffhanger.

2. Season 1 – Issue #11


The Space Saga was the first time Canman presented more complex storylines, and this issue is a perfect example of that. The Death Squadron proved to be good in the end, but in order to realize that we had to first travel to their past, through the very first flashback in the entire series.

3. Season 2 – Issue #11


Alicia gets kidnapped, Canman finally defeats Mr. Drowsiness. Action and suspense merge to produce an intense issue that sums up what Canman is all about: its characters and the frenetic action that’s constantly taking place around them.

4. Season 2 – Issue #22


So far until this point in the story, Canman didn’t get very emotional yet. However, due to Alicia’s successful rescue, we are given a glimpse at the more human side of the characters, because of their expression of emotions like joy, relief, or even love, while simultaneously confirming Alicia’s attraction to our hero, even without her recognising his true identity.

5. Season 3 – Issue #3


In what was Canman’s probably best season so far, we got to start with a bang: Dark Dog City has a new hero – Galleon – and he’s ready to take control. His secure pose, glowing armor and large red cape stand for what a hero truly means, at least in a traditional conceptual way, and the offensive stance Matt displays in front of him shows the audience how much he feels threatened by him from the first glance.

6. Season 3 – Issue #17


Pain, nostalgia and a plot twist that became a game changer, made this issue of Canman one of the most memorables of its run, and as a result, the following issues as well. In an epic battle with our yellow hero, Galleon finally gives up, apparently out of nowhere. The reason? They’re brothers! The sad flashback tainted with even sadder colors works perfectly, as it puts us in Jack’s place in a very straightforward manner, and makes us look at the story from a totally different perspective.

7. Season 3 – Issue #19


We knew the brotherly reunion couldn’t last forever right? Just when things were starting to look up, Dr. Exhaustion attacks Galleon, knocking him out and sending Canman into a frenzy. This was definitely an “oh no” moment, in which we were rooting for our heroes, wishing for a moment of peace and reconciliation after all they went through. Eventually it happened… but not without an intense battle first.

8. Season 3 – Issue #23


Serving as the last issue to close the stellar third season, our heroes finally seem at peace. It’s the closing image of the issue though that makes it work: Alicia finally joins together enough evidence to understand that Canman and Matt might be the same person.

9. Season 4 – Issue #13


The new energy drink is in town and Matt is one of its victims, changing into a green Canman after drinking it. In this issue, we’re presented with the consequences of such action: a drained Matt is found by Jack on the floor, serving as a confirmation that it was indeed our hero that stole things from various places, making us understand that sometimes even the good ones are capable of not so good deeds.

10. Season 4 – Issue #22


Donovan serves effectively as the most vicious and fierce villain yet. In this issue, and in the middle of a great battle, we get to see his dark gaze from up close, while Matt gets very lucky and transforms into Canman at the very last second, just in time to win the battle and send Donovan to prison.

What are your favorite Canman issues?

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