The 10 most anticipated records of 2014 – part I


Now that we’ve digested 2013, it’s time to look ahead. And like every year, 2014 begins with great expectations, especially when it comes to music. 2013 brought us masterpieces like Drake´s and Daft Punk´s newest records. But this year is also offering up big surprises, including comebacks of iconic bands like Foo Fighters, or new records by upcoming talents like Grimes and Lana Del Rey. Here’s part I of our top 10 of the most anticipated albums of 2014.

1. Kanye West

Most anticipated albums 2014

The enfant terrible of Hip Hop, Kanye West, released one of the most daring albums of his career in 2013. Yeezus explores the boundaries of Hip Hop and opens a more experimental chapter in the rappers repertoire. This record was celebrated as one of his most important releases so far. This year, Kanye plans to take advantage of the wave of success releasing a new album, produced by Rick Rubin and with works of his friend and long-time collaborator Q-Tip. How will he surprise us this time?

2. Foo Fighters

Most anticipated Albums 2014

Since 1995, the Foo Fighters are part of the rock royalty – a position that has solidified with each album the band has released along its career. In 2014, two years after their last record, they plan on releasing their next big project. The album title is still unknown, but what we do know thanks to the Instagram account of the group, where they posted a picture of the master tapes of the album, is that the rockers have stayed true to their passion for analog recording. In times when the computer has completely replaced the recording studio, this is a way of producing records is a true rarity.

3. Grimes

Most anticipated albums 2014

One of the great revelations of 2012 was Visions by the Canadian singer Claire Boucher, aka Grimes. With her unusual mix of electronica and pop, her style resists easy classification, carrying labels like “alien pop”. Grimes likes experimenting with keyboards and synthesizers when writing her songs, as well as blending various vocal layers which adds an ethereal touch to her sound. This year, Grimes is not only going to release her highly anticipated second album. She’s also making her debut as a member of the Roc Nation family, Hip Hop mogul Jay –Z´s label and home to stars like Kylie Minogue, M.I.A. and Rihanna. Shall Grimes move away from her indie roots in order to become the next pop sensation?

4. Lana Del Rey

Most anticipated albums 2014

While Grimes represented the more experimental side of pop in 2012, Lana Del Rey became known for her pouty lips and tragic melodies. “Sadcore”, as critics dubbed her dramatic style, became the singer’s signature sound. Aside from the wild speculation about the authenticity of her character, or the controversy caused by some of her supposedly low quality live performances (like her performance on Saturday Night Live), Del Rey was able to win over both critics and the audience with her unique persona.
In 2014 she’s going to release her third album “Ultra – Violence” and, judging by its title, we can expect lots of Lana del Rey style drama.

5 . Pharell

Most anticipated albums 2014

If there are two songs that were in heavy rotation in 2013 they’re “Blurred lines” by Robin Thicke and “Get lucky” by Daft Punk – both co-produced by Pharell Williams. “Happy”, the artist’s own single, which followed up at the end of the year, is an ode to happiness accompanied by a cutting-edge 24h video clip. Building on this huge success, Pharell’s first solo album in 8 years album to be released in 2014 is going to launch his career as a solo superstar. Few details are known yet, besides that “Happy” will be included in the new album. Our prediction? More incredible party hymns!

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