The 5 Best Skateparks in the World


Did you know the first skatepark was built in Tucson, Arizona in 1965?

Skating has sure come along way since then. The times when skaters had to sneak around for the best surfaces and obstacles are long gone.  You can find skateparks to tear up the floor all over the world. We have selected our five favorites:

Bowl Marseille

This park is without a doubt the most famous one in France and an institution in skate history. Even if you’re not a skater you’ll get a kick out of watching daredevils on the ramps right by the beach.


SMP Skatepark, Beijing

The world’s biggest skatepark cannot be missing from our list! It features the world’s biggest ramp and the biggest concrete bowl. The possibilities of 13,700m2 skate area are endless.

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Skatepark Los Reyes, Santiago, Chile

This is the biggest skatepark in Chile and one of the most scenic parks in the world.

For information visit the park’s Facebook Page.


Stapelbaddsparken Skatepark, Malmö, Sweden

As home of Quicksilver’s Bowlriders Cup this park is a true gem. And if you happen to be unlucky with the weather conditions you have Bryggeriet indoor skatepark nearby – Two birds, with one stone!

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Black Pearl Skatepark, Cayman Islands

Can you think of anything better than skating in the Caribbean?! – Nope, neither do we. Black Pearl is the world’s largest outdoor park. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive skateparks, but we like to think that if you made it to the Cayman Islands, you will be able to afford skating there.

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Of course there a plenty more that are worth mentioning and we hope to continue this list soon. Have you skated on any of the parks on our list? Do you have any other recommendations?

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